Top 10 Reasons for studying Mechatronics Engineering

Mechatronics Engineering is an interdisciplinary branch of engineering that originally was a mixture of Mechanical and Electrical/Electronic engineering but has now grown into a design process that integrates the principles of mechanical engineering, electrical/electronic engineering, computer engineering, telecommunications engineering, systems and control engineering into a unified discipline to develop simpler, more economical and reliable sustainable systems. This discipline was designed to prepare  engineering students for a wide range of industrial, electronic and mechanical roles. There are quite a number or reasons as to why you should study  this course and these include the following;

1.  It’s Multidisciplinary;

With a Mechatronics Engineering degree you’re combining a broad range of skills in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering and Control Systems. With this degree it’s like you are graduating with three or four engineering technology degrees combined in one and the multidisciplinary skills and knowledge you will have obtained will give you a solid base that is needed by any engineer to solve complex engineering problems.

2.  It’s relatively new and less saturated;

Unlike other Engineering branches that have been taught at different Universities for quite some time now, Mechatronics Engineering is a relatively new field that is currently being offered by a few Universities/Colleges. This means that the number of graduates from this program coming out of Universities every year will be less as compared to other engineering fields which in turn literally means that the job market saturation level is not yet high (saturated) for the mechatronics field. It is also important to note that this field is one of the fastest developing fields with new areas of applications and opportunities being introduced quickly.

3.  Numerous areas of applications;

Many engineering branches have lesser areas of applications as compared to Mechatronics Engineering that has a wide area of applications which is helpful to graduates. Some of these sub-fields include; Bio-medical systems, Robotics, Nanotechnology, Automation, Mechanical, Electrical and Computer systems.

4.  Versatility;

Mechatronics offers a wide range of applications which ensures that Mechatronics graduates will always remain versatile enabling them to build a career in any of the above mentioned applications something that other engineering graduates don’t get to enjoy. The fact that graduates from this field acquire multiple technical skills and varied knowledge in a number of applications in a more versatile way, this gives them an edge over other engineering graduates in the job market.

5.  Ability to specialize in high tech fields;

With a Mechatronics degree, graduates can easily take up a post graduate course and specialize in a particular high tech discipline such as Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology and Bio-mechatronics. These fields are developing at a rather rapid pace and there are so many innovations springing up as a result of the research and development associated with them.

6.  High-Impact Jobs;

Graduates form disciplines such as Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology, Robotics, Bio-mechatronics and Automation are being sought out for worldwide. Jobs in the mechatronics fields are expected to rapidly grow in the next 10 years and so is the demand for qualified professional workforce to take on the jobs available in developed countries. Mechatronics engineers earn a median salary of about $95,000 per year. Salaries typically range from $52,010 to $150,830 and are influenced by the industry and your experience and education levels.

7.  Hands-on Labs;

The Mechatronics Engineering discipline is typically hands-on which means students of this discipline will by all means put theory into practice in state-of-the-art laboratories since most Universities offering this course are well equipped. This will give students the ability to work with the same systems and technologies applied by professionals in the real world giving them the experience and confidence they need. This means graduates from this field will require less on-the-job training as compared to other engineering graduates.

8.  Applicable Skills;

As a mechatronics engineering student, you will not only learn the theory of how things work or how they are built but you’ll learn how to build, repair, program and maintain smart mechatronic systems yourself and also how to solve real world complex engineering problems, the skills high-tech employers look out for.

9.  Internships;

Internships are often times designed to provide practical work experience giving students a chance to solve real-world problems in a dynamic environment which in turn yields possible job opportunities upon graduation. As a mechatronics engineering student, you will have the opportunity to find internship opportunities in any of your desired choice of applications with the industry or government organizations that best matches your goals for employment.

10.  A resume that stands out;

Mechatronics Engineering as a discipline gives a student a combination of comprehensive technical courses, extensive hands-on lab-work and great internship opportunities to apply the obtained knowledge and skills to solve real-world problems which makes a graduate from this field a competitive candidate for the top mechatronics jobs in the tech job market.



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